A better future for everyone, inspired by advanced technology: OMR & Audi are raising funds for UNO-Flüchtlingshilfe, the national partner of UNHCR in Germany with a NFT drop of the AI sculpture 'UNSEEN UNIVERSE' by Eylul Alici and Ferdi Alici from Studio OUCHHH. #FutureIsAnAttitude

The project is sold out. If you still want to contribute to the good cause, UNO-Flüchtlingshilfe, the national partner of UNHCR in Germany, will be happy to receive your donation independently of the project. 

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The artificial intelligence behind the artwork 'UNSEEN UNIVERSE' collects data where progress is celebrated.

Countless real moments at the OMR expo illustrate individual visual data points that shape the digital sculpture in real time.

Vision and drive create the art of the future in form of unique NFTs that raise funds for a good cause.


To get the chance to mint an NFT, you must first apply for the mintlist. To do so, register on premint with your wallet and your Twitter and Discord account. The spots on the mintlist are raffled on 05/27/22 among all registered users. We will let you know via email whether you've made it on the mintlist. If you did, you can mint your unique NFT from 05/27/22 7:00 am UTC until 05/30/22 5:00 am UTC.

If you applied for the mintlist, we will notify you on 05/27/22 around 7:00 am CEST whether you've made it on the list or not. Please also check your spam folder. You can also check here whether you've made the list.

By using a mintlist, we can ensure that not all interested parties mint at the same time. This way we can prevent high gas fees (transaction fees) through a gas war, where those who pay the highest gas fees can mint first.

The 7000 NFTs come in 5 rarities: Common, Uncommon, Rare, Epic and one Legendary. The Legendary NFT will be auctioned separately on Timeless.

Minting an NFT costs 0.05 ETH. Please be aware that there are additional costs due to gas fees when minting.

Therefore, you have to open our website the-art-of-progress.com in the 'Metamask - Blockchain Wallet' App (Download: iOS / Android). Unfortunately, it is not possible to open the Wallet in a normal browser on a smartphone or tablet.

The proceeds generated through the sale of NFTs will support the work of UNO-Flüchtlingshilfe, the national partner of UNHCR in Germany. If you want to contribute to the good cause without buying NFTs, UNO-Flüchtlingshilfe will be happy to receive your donation independently of the project. You can donate on their website.

Yes, you can resell your Unseen Universe NFT on OpenSea anytime you want.

Yes, you can see the collection and buy an NFT on OpenSea.

Yes, we have a Discord server. Click here to join. 

Due to the high number of requests and scams, the chat in Discord will be disabled before and during the mints. Keep in mind our moderator & administrator team, will never DM you first.

You will have a second chance to get an NFT on Monday, May 30th, if not all the NFTs have been retrieved. Otherwise you have to watch on OpenSea.

If you have further questions, you can contact us via mail at [email protected]


Together we can draw a distinction